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Прохоров применит в спорте нанотехнологии

Президент Союза биатлонистов России (СБР) Михаил Прохоров рассказал в среду журналистам, что его организация ведет разработки в области медицины с применением высоких технологий.

"Сейчас мы разрабатываем систему восстановления спортсменов с помощью нанотехнологий, - рассказал известный бизнесмен. - В настоящее время мы ее (систему) ищем с тем, чтобы наши спортсмены завоевали больше золотых наград на Олимпиаде в Ванкувере".

Прохоров рассказал, что речь идет не только о создании новых медицинских приборов, но и об абсолютно новой системе подготовки спортсменов. "Никакого отношения к допингу это не будет иметь", - особо отметил глава СБР.

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Garage under the <a href=http://www.stephencurryshoes.com>;stephen curry shoes</a> second dribbling is toward the switch on the left side from the body without any slowdown, his or her footsteps choiceness and rapidly, soon arrived at the position you would like to go. Unlike most pitcher like the middle of gravity down, then struggled to jump to finish, the garage action more concise. Don't waste any hard work, just jump off the soil, slightly triggered his filming action instantly. "He is not only probably the most pure great scorer, he even gave shot two words for making the definition, the full shooting art played any revolutionary role. "The bobcats scalp scout work Adam - Mr Libby said Treasury.

Counter-top frames in 6 a few minutes and 31 seconds, garage from his torso slightly next point position held up the ball, the index finger as well as middle finger instinct to get gaps in the rubberized ball center. His arm gently lifted back, quit his palm the ball, but still control concerning his fingers. His right arm into every one of the joints is close to be able to 90 degree Angle, through the shoulder to the knee, from the elbow for the wrist, from wrist to reference, as if a eating place waiter in carrying a new tray.

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"Game changing, there is no time to <a href=http://www.kdshoes.us.com>;kevin durant shoes</a> you consider your own shooting steps is correct, " curry claimed, "you can only depend on their daily at working out ground building muscle recollection, hit and believe we can. We're so many practice in training, as a way to the game, you can make use of instinct to react. But if it is not in the right way, the game will really feel very strange. ".

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From brought the first <a href=http://www.curry-shoes.com>;curry shoes</a> baseball, a garage at the actual match: each other organized a perfect diamond top, teammate Steve Blake flew to visit up, left the clippers guard darren collison (microblogging) the distance between two steps at the rear of their closely, Danny granger is the only defender in tow. This is the storage superior court intuition and and the embodies: his shot variety. He seems to realize the defensive player on the ideas, can predict their next move, then strike beforehand. "When other people are doing gesture, garage with judgment, and the activity, this is Stephen is best place, in this respect the league may be an awesome experience. Find field space, know the place that the defense space will take place, it is the key from the art of his pictures. Because no matter precisely how good your shots, a lot more exquisite technology, no space is useless. "ESPN's Brian thorpe, once wrote with his article.

Garage very carefully <a href=http://www.stephencurryshoes.com>;stephen curry shoes</a> observing the defense, he in addition have reason to be thus cautious. Before this, the warriors have have missed 12 goals in 13 shots previously, is now 33 in order to 37 behind the clippers, disturbed because of the right leg muscle tension of garage after only one of 4. For garage himself, this ball is critical: before a season, he hit a record in NBA history with 272 grains of a few points, if again proven three points today, his three points in 2010 hit number will meet or exceed 200 mark. So that library can become the sixth in a row has at the very least two season hit 250 grains of three participants, at the same time, still can have three points to continuous hit game streak carry on and 54 games - it will be the warriors team historical past record.

"I like everything <a href=http://www.kdshoes.us.com>;kevin durant shoes</a> in connection with the shooting, " garage once said within the interview, "but with the greatest especially in perfect palm posture. When your body's in good rhythm, from standing in the feet in the grass, his hands to complete an attempt, all series of joint actions will likely be calm and smooth, such as waves. It's a wonderful feeling. ".

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