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Президент «Торино» отказался от предложения продать клуб

Президент «Торино» Урбано Кайро заявил, что он не планирует продавать туринский клуб, несмотря на сообщения о том, что южноитальянский бизнесмен Раффаэле Чуккарьелло предлагает за него 40 миллионов фунтов.

«Я больше не хочу говорить о продаже. Разговор окончен. Если представители Чуккарьелло попросят о новой встрече, я отвечу отказом», - цитирует Кайро Channel4

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At halftime, he goes up; it&apos; s time to leave; he&apos; s got a company engagement in town. Then again someone asks him when he&apos; d like to find out the cells, and Durant being Durant, he can&apos; testosterone levels say no. In we&apos; lso are led, past a long block of doors with pieces of grubby plastic for portals. "This will be me, " says a good inmate, beckoning him in to the four-by-10-foot shoebox in that he&apos; s housed. Nevertheless it&apos; s roughly the size of a water closet extend your arms out and you will touch either wall this individual shares it with another man about the bunk below him. Taken aback, Durant walks in and also looks around. Elbows propped in the top bunk, he stands there and listens for the reason that inmate describes his lifestyle. "You gotta piss in addition to do your business facing your cellie, gotta step on his bed to get to yours and if he or she says no, then y&apos; most gotta fight. "

"Well, I possibly could <a href=http://www.kdshoes.us.com>;kd shoes</a> jump up, " states that Durant, trying to leaven this mood, but his ruse lands flat and he / she knows it. Though mainly close-mouthed about political things, he&apos; s furious while using state of play in this particular country. "The hood is usually a trap, man you&apos; re born there and kick the bucket there, with nothing in between but that, " he tells me. To illustrate the unfairness, he&apos; d raised Curry to be a contrast. "Whereas I spent my childhood years fucked over, always willing to snap, he was middle-class in addition to didn&apos; t live within defense mode. " Durant makes clear which he reveres Curry: "He didn&apos; t should work this hard, only he does. " Just what he&apos; s saying is in which no kid should want to do what he did: put his life in hold for 20-odd years just undertake a slim shot at escaping .. "I&apos; ve had my guard up this all time, never living gaming, " he says. "It&apos; s so hard to unlearn those traits when you get older. "

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After years since the NBA's silent superstar, KD can be finally speaking out. And here is why his transformation tends to make total sense

Ladies and gentlemen, I give an individual Kevin Durant 2. 0: your world&apos; s-my-oyster, body-adorning, liberated upgrade. It is this model he&apos; s taking, with his inimitable <a href=http://www.kdshoes.us.com>;kd shoes</a> plus points, to the Golden Condition Warriors this fall, leaving the team he built from splinters in to a perennial title contender, the actual Oklahoma City Thunder. In so doing, he&apos; s knowingly slipped into jeopardy his richly earned brand since the game&apos; s kindest superstar, opening himself up to your barrage of criticism typically lobbed by alt-right trolls. And why pretty much everything hatred for a guy who did things appropriate, carried a franchise with his back for nine years as it tried to win a championship for the cheap? Because, for the first time in his life, Durant prioritized themselves, chose to pursue her own joy, not his sense of obligation to an incredible number of strangers.

"All my living, I&apos; ve been any pleaser, " he claims, "put everyone else prior to me. " He&apos; d been a "basketball robot" in a very "basketball trance, " trudging head-down along with his hoodie cinched tight, never asking for what he wanted or maybe asking himself that question for concern with hurting teammates and followers. Then suddenly, two periods ago, the hamster wheel ended when he fractured a little bone in his feet. Unable to play or get off his couch for a few months, he picked his brain up,<a href=http://www.curry-shoes.com>;curry shoes</a> opened his massive eyes wide 每 along with loathed what he found of his world. He was 25 as well as had never gone anywhere or done any situation that wasn&apos; t in your service of his online game. He needed to help make some changes, and not really the small-bore kind. No, what was called intended for was a top-down update, a blank-slate reassessment associated with his soul. It might begin and end using one fundamental question: What are the things in life that provide me pleasure?

In Chicago, where I joined Durant&apos; utes business tour (several towns and four states in five days), we sat together at <a href=http://www.stephencurry.us.com>;stephen curry shoes</a> a patio bistro, chatting about metropolis he&apos; d just left. (This being Beverly Slopes, of course Usher walks past us, dapping KD as he goes. Later from the day, Kevin Love pushes by, waving from your window of his Porsche.) Since Durant quit Oklahoma before you start of July, all anyone had planned to ask him was precisely why he&apos; d ditched his boys there for the squad of supervillains about Golden State. He&apos; debbie been called everything although a radical Muslim by means of otherwise mannerly Oklahomans, their presumption being which Durant was basket-hanging in search of a ring. That appeared, to put it kindly, ungrateful. Six years before, he spurned free agency to re-sign within the very day LeBron James abandoned Cleveland. While James was nationally broadcasting his departure, Durant blessed his fans within a tweet: "I love yall gentleman forreal. " He was your semper fi soldier two years later when management exchanged away James Harden, their friend and co-superstar. In addition to he held his language when, summer after summer time, the Thunder declined to provide a proven third alternative think Ray Allen in Boston, or Love inside Cleveland. "Where other teams sought out and got that expert guy, we kept getting younger, " he says with a sigh, pushing around a sausage link together with his fork. Apparently it&apos; utes exhausting, even in storage, to carry a team on your own back.

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